Formed in 2005, Morphesia began as Zombie Thirteen’s one-man Black Metal project that later expanded into a full band. Following lineup changes and a few releases, Morphesia returns as a one-man band to showcase I Forever End, a new album which steps away from the Black Metal blueprint, focusing on a diverse, experimental sound and incorporating a post-metal/blackgaze style.

I Forever End is latest album from Morphesia and follows the onslaught of extreme Black Metal releases and shows spanning more than a decade. Gone are the spikes, the props and all the paint, to reveal a more personal and even darker soundtrack that has been covered up for a large part of the last decade. This will be the 4th official release from Morphesia and continues his self-exploratory musical journey in stunning, idiosyncratic fashion.

For I Forever End, Morphesia’s sole composer, Zombie Thirteen, ventures further into his own secret abyss, delving into the inner core behind all the aggression and chaos. He digs deep into his mind and personal life with layers of atmospheric environments, blended with a psychedelia induced melancholy feel that will haunt and yet appeal your ears, only to crush every expectation with daydreaming inducing passages. These passages contain a sound that can be compared to viewing the most beautiful California beach with a thunderstorm approaching on the horizon, all through a kaleidoscope of color that floods the black and white canvas that was laid down before it.

I Forever End | Released October 24th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Through The Forest | 02. Towards The Sea | 03. Underneath | 04. The Moon | 05. Within | 06. Shadows | 07. I | 08. Forever | 09. End | 10. At Last [Bonus Online Track]

Produced by Zombie Thirteen. Recorded in San Diego, California, USA.

Morphesia is:
Zombie Thirteen – all instruments and vocals

Band links: Youtube