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Mongol – The Return
01. Prophecy Of The Blind | 02. The Return | 03. Sacrificial Rites | 04. Takhil | 05. Amongst The Dead | 06. To The Wind | 07. Dschingis Khan | 08.The Mountain Weeps | 09. River Child | 10. Warband

Genre: Folk Metal | Melodic Death Metal
Released by: Sliptrick Records 05.10.18
Duration: 00:45:05
Tracks: 10

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The Return, the new album from Canadian folk metal group Mongol, is a concept album written about a Mongolian Prophecy that states that Genghis Khan will return from the grave to complete his conquest of the world. Intertwined within the tracks, you’ll find melodic harmonies that conjure imagery of the vast glory of a great united Empire, and the raw beauty of her homeland; but you will also hear ruthless thundering rhythms that recall the reckless unbridled violence of battle. Read more about The Return …here

Mongol are:
Tev Tengri – Vocals | Zev – Guitar | Zelme – Guitar | Bourchi – Drums | Sorkhan Sharr – Bass | Sche-Khe – Keyboard/Folk Instruments

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Mongol – The Return (Official Video)
Taken from the album: The Return | 2018
Written and performed by Mongol
Filmed and edited by Dan Wilberg