Sliptrick Records are proud to present the US release of the 3rd album from one of the very best Japanese all-female, hard rock, heavy metal band Mary’s Blood. The album Fate features 11 fantastic tracks drenched in 80’s influenced power metal mixed with the girl’s own brand of modern sensibilities to conjure the unmistakable Mary’s Blood sound.

From Eye’s soaring vocals and Saki’s virtuoso guitar licks, through to the fabulously solid backing and drive from Mari and Rio on drums and bass respectively, Mary’s Blood take you on a sonic adventure full of dirty grooves, classic stomps and even a torchlight ballad. The album also features collaboration work with other great Japanese artists such as Luke Takamura, Miki sun-go Igarashi, Yuyoyuppe (Vocalo P), Hitoki (Kuroyume), and more.

Originally released in Asia on Victor Entertainment in October 2016, this will be the first time Fate or any of Mary’s Blood previous output will be available in physical and digital form in the North American territories.

Fate (US Edition) | CD/Online | Released August 29th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

“Mary’s Blood are fluent in the international language of music. Excellent in all respects, “Fate” is the sound of a tight band, confident in each other’s abilities and enjoying what they do. Fans of Halestorm or The Pretty Reckless (if they worked with Yngwie Malmsteen or Steve Vai in an aggressive mood) will find an album with an attitude to their liking here.” – Femme Metal Webzine

“The playing is beyond excellent and Eye’s singing beyond even that. I see a bright future ahead of Mary’s Blood. And they deserve it, because they’re easily the most powerful of all the female metal bands coming from Japan the last couple of years.” – Kevy Metal

Track Listing:
01. Counter Strike | 02. Shall We Dance | 03. Angel’s Ladder | 04. Nautical Star | 05. Chateau de Sable | 06. Hanabi | 07. Self-Portrait | 08. In The Rain | 09. Change The Fate | 10. Endless Tragedy | 11. Queen Of The Night

Mastered by Takahiro Uchida, produced by Shinji Nishiuchi, recorded by Ryota Hattanda and mixed by Yosuke Watanabe. Recorded at Victor Studio, Studio Cantera and Eve Studio.

Mary’s Blood are:
Eye – Lead Vocals | Saki – Guitar | Rio – Bass | Mari – Drums

Band links: Official Website (eng) | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube