Malicious Inc. – Red Flag [Lyrics Video]
Taken from the EP: Red Flag | Sliptrick Records | 2020

Malicious Inc. have released a new lyrics video and it’s the title track from their latest EP (released via Sliptrick Records) Red Flag. Here’s a few words from the band; “In Bristol there has been a small circle of bullies and predators preying on the submissive, weak, and reluctant for almost over a decade. There are those that pose the main threat and then there are those that add to their smokescreen defence, their friends and their lackeys, who keep up the pretenses that these people are good people. This song is effectively about shining a light on that whole situation, and more importantly calling those who have done wrong to trial. Inspired by the horrors that a close friend suffered at the hands of one of these people, this song is about making them, and at a larger scale people just like them, take note that they are known. That they can’t keep things hidden, and they won’t get away with it. The lyrics are pretty transparent, and to avoid the legal suit of slander no names are mentioned. But in regards to Red Flag, if you know the hints, you’ll know. For the broader perspective, this song is calling out all scum that hurt unjustly.”

Malicious Inc. – Red Flag
UK metal group Malicious Inc., come out all guns blazing on their debut EP, Red Flag, spitting out a relentless onslaught of crushing riffs, brutal breakdowns and screaming solos, topped off with dark and topical lyrical content attacking depravity, social degradation, mental health issues and every moral injustice committed daily, in what can only be described as a sickeningly relatable manner. Read more …here

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Red Flag | Released January 28th, 2020 on Sliptrick Records

Malicious Inc. are:
Kyle Mortiss – Vocals | Morgan Weeds – Lead Guitar | Kyle Zehtabi – Rhythm Guitar | Matthew Hulin – Bass Guitar | Luke Hill – Drums

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