Lucid Dream – Desert Glass [Lyrics Video]
Taken from the album: The Great Dance Of The Spirit | Sliptrick Records | 2020
Lyrics Video Produced by “Il Regista dei Telefonini”

Hard rock progressive group Lucid Dream have released a new lyrics video from their 2020 album The Great Dance Of The Spirit. Here’s the official press release; “28 million years ago a huge asteroid fell near the Libyan desert. The exact place of impact was never found, it is assumed that it could have exploded in the air. The impact was so terrifying that it could be what caused the dinosaurs extinction, shifting the Earth’s axis a few degrees. The very high temperature melted the desert sand giving rise to the tektite known as Lybian desert glass. Like moldavite and other tektites they became “precious objects of power”, charged with cosmic energy. The center scarab of Tutankhamon funerary necklace is made of Libyan Desert Glass. During the long journey in search of knowledge, this solar stone gives the power to bring light into darkness. The song is a great hymn to the one who gave birth to everything in existence.”

Lucid Dream – The Great Dance Of The Spirit
The Great Dance Of The Spirit is the fourth release from Italian progressive hard rock group Lucid Dream. The album is a concept based on the research of the subtle energetic dimensions of the ‘Great Spirit’; it’s the third and final chapter of the trilogy started with The Eleventh Illusion and OtherworldlyThe Great Dance Of The Spirit is a voyage at the borders of the universe. Read more …here

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The Great Dance Of The Spirit | Released March 10th, 2020 on Sliptrick Records

Lucid Dream are:
Simone Terigi – Guitars | Roberto Tiranti – Bass/Vocals | Karl Faraci – Vocals | Paolo “Paolo” Tixi – Drums | Luca Scherani – Keyboards

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