The first compilation of giants of the Russian rock scene Louna includes fourteen songs from their first three hugely popular albums of the band, and as a bonus, one of the early singles, Svoboda, is also included, along with the previously unreleased acoustic version of Put k sebe, which was especially recorded for this compilation.

“One might think that six years is not such a big age for a rock band and it’s too early to release a greatest hits compilation, but during that time we have released three albums and received many awards, and we believe that we can please fans with a beautiful edition of our best songs. We always follow their feedback online and their reactions at concerts, so it was easy to choose the songs from our work that we, and our listeners, like the most”, – say the members of the band.

In fact, the repertoire of the group has already accumulated many songs, loved even by those who have never been to a Louna show and are not too familiar with their work: Boytsovskiy klub, Sdelay gromche!, Mama and S toboy are songs that hit the top places in the charts. Nashe Radio even included the song Mama and Sdelay gromche among the best songs in the history of their broadcast.

Today, Louna is one of the most in-demand rock bands in Russia. Tours all across the country, festival appearences, rotation on the largest radio stations and the successful experience of performances in the United States make them one of the heavy hitters of the Russian heavy scene.

The Best Of | Released August 14th, 2018 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. My – eto LOUNA | 02. Boytsovskiy klub | 03. Vremya X | 04. Biznes | 05. Lyudi smotryat vverkh | 06. Noch, doroga i rok | 07. Shturmuya nebesa | 08. S toboy | 09. Moy rok-n-roll | 10. | 11. Vo mne feat. Dmitriy Rishko | 12. Mama | 13. Doroga boytsa | 14. Sdelay gromche! | Bonus tracks: 15. Svoboda | 16. Put k sebe (acoustic)

Louna are:
Lousine Gevorkian – Vocals | Vitaly Demidenko – Bass | Rouben Kazariyan – Guitar | Sergey Ponkratiev – Guitar | Leonid “Pilot” Kinzbursky – Drums

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