Polaris is the third studio album by Canadian gothic metal band Lodestar. People can expect to hear more hard rock influence on Polaris, while still retaining their Doom/Gothic metal sound. In addition, Lodestar added synth and orchestral elements.

The album is uplifting and empowering not only in the music, but also the vocals and lyrical themes. The group wanted to touch on the lighter side of life and hope that people feel a connection to some of the songs. The goal was to live up to the band’s name and be an inspiration for others who are struggling. If someone listening to this album and finds some kind of connection or feels an emotion, we have done our job.

Polaris is some of the best work done by Lodestar so far. Some songs have gotten more progressive which takes the listener on a journey with some twists and turns. Songs like Distance To Your Light and the 10 min long epic World Of Change are great examples of this. For fans of the band’s doom/gothic metal sound, there is plenty to be found on this album. Save Me From Fate and In Your Shadow are songs that contrast some of the lighter hard rock songs, and are sure to satisfy people who love Lodestar’s darker sound.

01. Shooting Star | 02. Never Die | 03. Save Me From Fate | 04. In This Life | 05. In Your Shadow | 06. Distance To Your Light | 07. War Of The Mind | 08. Light Of My Life | 09. World Of Change | 10. Polaris

Polaris | Released July 9th, 2024 via Sliptrick Records

Lodestar are:
Kate Glock – Vocals/Orchestra | Jensen Rodolfo – Guitar/Bass/Drums

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick