September 15th 2022, saw the release of Little Villains fourth studio album titled Battle Of Britain. The songs on the album are performed by James Childs, Owen Childs and Chris Fielden, with guest appearances by Nick Davidge and Simon Hedges of Airbus. Battle Of Britain is chock full of classic rock/metal in the vein of AC/DC, Iron Maiden and Motörhead.

Due to the album’s success on radio and with reviewers, Battle Of Britain has been re-released on all major digital platforms via Sliptrick Records on January 10th 2023. Little Villains are currently recording a new album and plan to release it during 2023.

“War, what is it good for? Influencing pit-worthy hard rock hits such as Spitfire from the UK’s loudest and heaviest outfit, Little Villains. Their Machiavellian nature is exhibited in all of its frenetic glory in the instrumentally Motorhead-esque release, taken from their fourth studio album, Battle Of Britain. Spitfire is a rarity in its ability to offer the classic raw rock ‘n’ roll production while enticing you with the fresh innovation exhibited by each member of the powerhouse. Even the staunchest hard rock fans won’t be able to eye roll to having heard this all before with the catchy cataclysmic furore in Spitfire, which compels you to catch it live.”
A&R Factory review, by Amelia Vandergast

“It’s an album that takes you back to a time when raw power counted for more than polished production. It deserves to be played loud. The tracks are short, fast and with a Punk-tinged hue. The two aircraft themed songs that bookend the album work best. ‘Messerschmitt’ with its marching intro and effects conjures up images of the German war machine’s most effective fighter whilst ‘Spitfire’ genuinely emits the heart of old school Motörhead, with its high tempo riffs and manic drumming pushing everything along at pace.”
Ever Metal, written by Paul Hutchings

“Slightly punky emphasis. Anthemic vocals. Classic, Motorhead-esque. Pleasantly surprised by its range and true potential. Standout track, ‘Spitfire’ – a really fun track, with a powerful atmosphere, taking that Motörhead influence to the top.”
Rock Queen Reviews, written by Jenny Tate

01. Messerschmitt | 02. Crying Out For More | 03. Butcher Bird | 04. Mush | 05. In His Blood | 06. Words Of Insanity | 07. Boy Next-Door | 08. The Last | 09. Watching You | 10. Spitfire

Battle Of Britain | Released January 10th, 2023 via Sliptrick Records

Little Villains are:
James Childs – Vocals /Bass | Owen Childs – Guitar /Backing Vocals | Chris Fielden – Drums /Backing Vocals

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | On Sliptrick