Italian gothic metal/metal core group Levania have announced a big show to take place on July 14th. They will hit the stage at Dagda Live Club, Retorbido, Italy in a superb line-up that includes Serenity, Temperance and Chronosfear.

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Levania – The Day I Left Apart
March 8th saw the release of the brand new EP from Italian gothic metal/metal core group Levania. The Day I Left Apart is their first material since their 2014 release Renascentis and shows new facets and styles to the band expanding on their already impressive sound …read more

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The Day I Left Apart | Released March 8th, 2018 on Sliptrick Records

Levania are:
Elena – Lead vocals | Still – Keyboards/Vocals | Richie – Guitars | Fade – Bass | Markus – Drums

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