Led By Vajra – Million Reasons
Format: Online Single
Genre: Metalcore | Progressive
Released by: Sliptrick Records 02.03.18

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Million Reasons originally performed by Lady Gaga (C) 2016 Interscope Records
Mix and master by: Gabriele Quaranta
Video by : Gabriele Quaranta

Progressive metalcore band Led By Vajra have released a new single coming 3 months after their debut album ΨΥXH. Million Reasons is a re-imagined version and tribute to the incredible artist Lady Gaga, carefully re-interpreting the song and the vocals in a Metal/Led By Vajra style. The song is designed as a kind of “Punk goes Pop” style cover.

Led By Vajra – ΨΥXH
If you want to be overwhelmed by the music you listen to, ΨΥXH is the right album for you. The lyrics of every song are linked to a different sphere of the human “Psyche”, that are linked to the soul and the mind. The atmospheres are always gloomy but they are just one of the two faces of each songs that, when heard with an open mind and a deep concentration, reveal positive messages. Read more about ΨΥXH …here

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ΨΥXH | Released November 11th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Led By Vajra are:
Atena Fedele – Clean Vocals | Mariano Esposito – Raw Vocals | Walter Orlando – Guitar | Gabriele Quaranta – Guitar | Marco Cantiello – Drums | Luca Muneretto – Bass

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