If you want to be overwhelmed by the music you listen to, ΨΥXH is the right album for you. The lyrics of every song are linked to a different sphere of the human “Psyche”, that are linked to the soul and the mind. The atmospheres are always gloomy but they are just one of the two faces of each songs that, when heard with an open mind and a deep concentration, reveal positive messages. Read more about ΨΥXH …here

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Led By Vajra – ΨΥXH
01. Colours Of Thought | 02. White Dress | 03. Inborn Invaders | 04. Chains | 05. The Awakening | 06. Golden Palace | 07. Shards Of Crystal Skin | 08. Colours Of Soul | 09. Oh Sorry (I Didn’t Think You Were Listening) 10. Dependency

Genre: Metalcore | Progressive
Tracks: 10 | Duration: 00:33:31
Released by: Sliptrick Records 11.11.17
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