Check photos from the recent concert featuring Chilean doom metal group Lapsus Dei supporting top Swedish supergroup Soen. Lapsus Dei played both shows on March 22nd and 23rd at Cúpula Multiespacio in Santiago.

Pictures were taken by Sebastián Domínguez.

Lapsus Dei – Sea Of Deep Reflections
The new release from Chilean doom metal group Lapsus Dei is Sea Of Deep Reflections and it’s an album that develops the story of a journey, told through seven songs that will transport any audience to their most vivid dreams. This voyage represents our own growth as humans, where the progress is sometimes achieved after struggling with deep and powerful circumstances such as loneliness, desperation, tranquility and peace among others. Read more …here

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Sea Of Deep Reflections | Released on June 16th, 2020 via Sliptrick Records

Lapsus Dei are:
Alejandro Giusti – Vocals/Guitars | Agustín Bastías – Bass | Rodrigo Poblete – Guitars/Vocals | Luis Pinto – Drums

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