Kill All The Gentlemen – Snakes [Lyrics Video]
Taken from the album: Black Canvas | Sliptrick Records | 2022

UK metal group Kill All The Gentlemen have released a new lyrics video taken from their recent album Black Canvas, out via Sliptrick Records. Here’s the bands comments on the track; “Snakes is the third single from Kill All The Gentlemen’s second highly rated album Black Canvas. The song was designed to be any old school head banger and never holds back or slows down its relentless pace – while also fusing the band’s love of black and death metal.

The song is going to be a setlist stable for some time to come. Also a guaranteed circle pit!”

Kill All The Gentlemen – Black Canvas
Nine bone-crushing from Kill All The Gentlemen feature heavy riff-infested tracks, with the addition of intricate arrangements and exquisite song writing which will catapult the listener into a dark, merciless netherworld true to the album’s title. “You could say Black Canvas is about an over-tainted world. You see, when a painting starts off as a blank canvas, that’s the beginning. A perfect concept of nothingness, virgin and untainted.” …read more

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Black Canvas | February 1st, 2022 via Sliptrick Records

Kill All The Gentlemen are:
Adam Martin – Vocals/Guitar | Ben Andrew – Bass/Backing Vocals | Mikey Precious – Guitar | Thomas Arne Rørstad – Drums

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