You could say Woke & Dagger, from UK punks Jifnotcif, has been 20 years in the making. In equal measures, it’s edgy, aggressive, melodic, poignant and very relevant for a vastly confusing modern era.

After the initial releases in their early days followed a general strict skate vibe, time amassed a greater musical knowledge and influence over Jifnotcif’s members, ambition, ability and energy all encompassing what has been rolled into Woke & Dagger.

Compiling the most recent independently released ep’s with additional bonus track, it’s the album that (with recent world constraints) the band were not able to do as originally intended but this has only allowed them to stay on the drawing board, meticulously plotting and hitting the studio harder to ensure that a fully unrushed approach was adapted and all the songs add to the overall excitement that the whole album delivers.

Full of modern meme related statements, catchy riffs, face bending solos and an overall incitement of the bands vision of a modern progressive punk sound.

Woke & Dagger deliveres in a punchy, no holds barred raw style, produced and mixed in the heart of Englands midlands with full style and control handled by the members to ensure the full artistic control and output is one that was envisioned from the early practice sessions right up until the final take.

With straight up punk madness from the likes of Stab and Blondie, to the more adventurous outpourings of Frozen, and the steadfast anthemic masterpieces of We Are and Bear Trap, this album constantly changes the perception of the listener with ‘never get old’ segments that keep you guessing as to what’s going to come next.

01. Call It What You Want | 02. She Never Is | 03. Blondie | 04. Light Side Of The Raw | 05. Sense Of Containment | 06. Stab | 07. Deny Everything | 08. Drink, Party, Laugh, Cry (And Don’t Ask Why) | 09. Frozen | 10. Bear Trap | 11. We Are | 12. 8 Days A Week, 13 Months A Year | 13. Do It All Again

Woke & Dagger | Released May 21st, 2024 via Sliptrick Records

Jifnotcif are:
Ning – Guitar/Vocals | Lez – Guitar/Vocals | Si – Drums | PK – Bass

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick