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Godfrost (JP) Industrial Metal | Alternative Metal | Post-Grunge

Godfrost is a Japanese industrial metal music solo project by Gods Of Decay guitarist, Frost. Godfrost conceptualizes a dark world view with musicality that focuses on industrial metal sound incorporating digital sound, rhythm and a melodic post-grunge style. Instrumental versions of the songs have also been recorded.

Guest musicians on Godfrost’s first album include familiar musicians such as Yorke (Gods Of Decay) and Kose (Azabusmith) and other talented female vocalists. The self-titled album will be released in digital format via Sliptrick Records later in the year.

Gods Of Decay were formed by Georgian female vocalist Anna and Japanese guitarist Frost. The groups album Collective Psychosis was releases via Sliptrick Records in December 2021.

Godfrost is:
Frost – Guitar/Bass/Vocals

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | On Sliptrick