The Slovak metalist personal compilation maps 30 years of activity on the music scene. Ivan King Kráľ is keyboard player (Roland JV-30), composer, lyricist and one of four founders the band Lunatic Gods. He’s also participated as a guest keyboardist in many Slovak metal bands originated in Martin.

Nowadays, he has own original metal music project named King SVK and has released 3 studio albums to date.

As with the latest King SVK album, New Æon, the CD digipack compilation Retrospective 1993 – 2023 will be realized by Sliptrick Records on October 31st, 2023.

Track-by-track: (by Ivan)
01. Abandoned Love
– Taken from What For Name, When Hunanity Is Dying… (1995) by Protest.
The CD was one of the first of the death metal genre in Slovakia. Ivan is the author of the lyrics of this song. Protest managed to release 3 studio albums with the Metal Age Productions (SVK) publishing house. The group ceased operations after the untimely death of two members: Jaro Vavro and Igor Prejsa.

02. Intro + Silence & Screams
– Taken from Empire Of Emptiness (1997) by Galadriel.
Galadriel was founded in Bratislava (1995) by vocalist & bass player Dodo Ďatel, guitarist Voloda Zadrapa and drummer Dr. Victor Gieci. Ivan significantly helped his friends playing the keyboard and also gave valuable advice during recording & when mixing tracks. The recording was released by Unknown Territory Rec. (UK). The group released 7 studio albums and 1 EP of doom metal. Theme: fantasy.

03. Hate
– Taken from Inhuman & Insensible (1996) by Lunatic Gods.
Lunatic Gods were formed as Bestialit by members: Mortis – vocals, Hirax – guitar, Psycho – drums, King keyboards. In a magazine Metal Hammer CS opinion poll (1997), the band was labeled as the best band in the Czech and Slovak Republic. The guys played a lot of live concerts and the fans’ response to the songs was immense. Atmospheric, death metal song Hate was the most requested.

04. Smile | 05. At The Threshold Of Life | 06. Return Of Deads Thoughts
– Taken from album Sitting By The Fire (1998) by Lunatic Gods.
Sitting By The Fire was put out in Metal Age Productions. Many open air festivals followed, such as Dynamo North Power Jam the Czech Rep., where Lunatic Gods played side-by-side with the bands like Benediction, In Flames (1998). To date, band has released 8 regular albums & 2 EPs. Theme: meaning of life.

07. Phantom Lord [Metallica cover]
– Taken from Phantom Lords (A Tribute To Metallica) (1999) by Lunatic Gods.
This version of the song was incredibly popular.

After 7 years in Lunatic Gods, Ivan decided to leave the group, after disagreements regarding the direction of the band, and founded his own original project KING SVK.

08. Metal Anthem | 09. Prince Mojmir I.
– Taken from Royal Metal (2005) by King SVK.
The album’s vocalists were Roman Slávik & Dodo Ďatel. Apart from Ivan King Kráľ, it was also the guitarist Pavel Hirax Baričák who significantly contributed to the album with his authorial creativity. Themes: celebration of metal music and the Great Moravian Empire.

10. Give Thousand Kisses
– Taken from Libertarian (2005) by King SVK.
The song was created in 2003. The guitar parts were executed by Pavol Rusnák & Sanches. The vocals were provided by Michal & Tina. Lyrics: G. V. Catullus. Theme: heterosexual love.

11. Ozymandias | 12. Chant Of Praise To Nimaatre | 13. After Swimming | 14. Homeless | 15. Seeking Of Being
– Taken from New Æon (2019) by King SVK.
New Æon was the third studio album from King SVK: co-author of music & guitars recorded by Norbert Ferencz. The vocals were provided by Dodo & Ejo. The meaning of the lyrics is highlighted by alternating between growling & pure vocals. That creates the right atmosphere. Lord Byron & F. Nietzsche also contributed with the lyrics. Themes: magnificent stories of Egyptian Pharaohs, mythology, philosophy. The songs received very positive reviews from critics (for these musicians, all music horizons are shine open for winning). The album was released on CDs by the label Sliptrick Records (2019).

01. Protest – Abandoned Love | 02. Galadriel – Intro + Silence And Screams | 03. Lunatic Gods – Hate | 04. Lunatic Gods – Smile | 05. Lunatic Gods – At The Threshold Of Life | 06. Lunatic Gods – Return Of Deads Thoughts | 07. Lunatic Gods – Phantom Lord | 08. King SVK – Metal Anthem | 09. King SVK – Prince Mojmir I. | 10. King SVK – Give Thousand Kisses | 11. King SVK – Ozymandias | 12. King SVK – Chant Of Praise To Nimaatre | 13. King SVK – After Swimming | 14. King SVK – Homeless | 15. King SVK – Seeking Of Being

Retrospective 1993 – 2023 | Released October 31st, 2023 via Sliptrick Records

Ivan King Kráľ is:
Ivan King Kráľ – Keyboards/Programming/Lyrics

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