Ironthorn – Legends [Lyrics Video]
Taken from the album: Legends Of The Ancient Rock | 2019
Artwork by Francesco Montalbano

Italian rock/metal group Ironthorn have released a new lyrics video for the track Legends, taken from their latest album Legends Of The Ancient Rock. Here’s what the band had to say; “Legends wants, in a very simple way, to pay tribute to different groups and musical personalities that somehow have influenced the life and the music of Ironthorn. This song is a mix of titles and quotes from different bands, artists and songs, that have made the history of music, in other words this is way to thank them for giving us the rock we all know and love.”

Ironthorn – Legends Of The Ancient Rock
Legends Of The Ancient Rock is how one can easily deduce from the title, an imposing tribute to the music, life stories, emotions, feelings, reflections and events that have as their common denominator the life experiences related to Ironthorn’s music. Ironthorn play classic hard rock riffs and heavy sounds accompanied by a sinewy and melodic vocal line, while keeping intact the desire to renew and personalize a genre that has informed the history of music and touched the lives of many hearts. Read more …here

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Legends Of The Ancient Rock | Released on November 5th, 2019 via Sliptrick Records

Ironthorn are:
Luigi Pullara – Vocals | Maurizio Liberto – Guitar | Gabriele Misuraca – Guitar | Antony La Marca – Drums | Eliseo Bonacasa – Bass

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