Shop Sliptrick is our own personal online web store selling high quality digital downloads. Each product is available on release day in the MP3 format at 320 kbps. Payment is easy and your files can be downloaded immediately on payment in .zip format for you to easily extract on your desktop/laptop/mobile. In the future, we plan to have material on sale that will be exclusively to the shop and look out for special Sliptrick compilations which will be offered at excellent prices. Although we currently specialize in MP3 downloads at the moment, there are plans to expand, once the shop is settled in.

Shop Sliptrick is part of the Dead Pulse Shop which also contains products from our sister site Alternate Records.

Shop Links: Dead Pulse Shop | Shop Sliptrick | Shop Alternate

Shop Sliptrick only contains bands on the Sliptrick Records roster. That makes products easier to find and allows us to give you more information about each release. On any particular product page, you’ll find descriptions of the release, samples and/or videos and reviews (with links) from professional sources around the web. You can also leave reviews yourself!

• Best of all are our cheaper prices. Most online shops charge a commission on top of the sellers price for each item. That’s how they manage to stay in business. Prices online often vary as shops charge different percentages, so it’s always useful to shop around and find somewhere you trust. As this shop is owned by the labels that are part of the Dead Pulse Group, we are able to offer cheaper prices and discounts to the customer. Income from Shop Sliptrick is split between the label and the artists, no 3rd party. Simple really!

• Many products will go onsale at a limited special price plus we have occasional flash sales. Just look for the green “OFFER” image on the front of the release.

Check out the Dead Pulse Shop FAQ for more information.

Dead Pulse & The Dead Pulse Group
Dead Pulse is the name given to the umbrella company for various businesses related to the music and entertainments industry. Primarily, Dead Pulse deals with music currently hosted by such independent labels as Sliptrick Records (rock, metal based) and Alternate Records (alternative, indie based). Completing the group, is the fast growing Go Loud Agency which books many large acts and also bands within our labels.

Dead Pulse Links: Official Website | Facebook | Twitter