Check out the gallery from Italian metalcore group Inner Code and their recent appearance at the festival Rock For Ukraine. The event took place on June 26th in Ultravox Firenze alongside Lithio, Bengala Fire, Drop Circles, Mutonia and Under The Bed.

Inner Code – Nuovi Incubi
Nuovi Incubi (by Italian group Inner Code) is a door to the fears of tomorrow, the horrors of yesterday, that gloomy everything that is reflected and renewed in every present moment. It leads us to the discovery of the modern obscurities that besiege the human soul, while echoes of the historical past arise between electronic darkness, a dark warning of the insecurity hidden in the future. The emotions of man, his thirst for revenge against an oppressive existence, dim rays of light in a devastated scenario …read more

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Nuovi Incubi | September 21st, 2021 via Sliptrick Records

Inner Code are:
Daniele Mancini – Bass | Francesco Benedetti – Guitar | Jago Balistreri – Vocals | Michael Benvenuti – FX/Keyboards | Simone Oriani – Drums

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