Sliptrick Records are proud to announce the release from the first Polish band to grace our roster. Death metal, Grind specialists Indignity. However, the band are not in any way a novelty, creating an album full of brutal power and tight, technical precision. 9 tracks of sonic dexterity that isn’t afraid to show the bands influences and dedication to progression.

In early 2017, Indignity entered Orion Studio to record their full length debut album, Realm Of Dissociation. The soundscape is more complex than previous releases, enriched with slam, grind and brutal death touches. The compositions also contain a variety of styles; short and brutal ‘rockets’, fast parts combined with slower breakdowns, some excellent grinding guitar work, to sometimes groovy and mid-tempo tracks. Kilas’ vocals have evolved as well, with the extra use of gutturals and pig squeals.

Realm Of Dissociation | Released August 22nd, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Genotype Of A Murderer | 02. Addicted To Brutality | 03. Embodiment Of Internal Corruption | 04. Bloodlust | 05. Consumed By Anhedonia | 06. Skull Trepanation | 07. Whine Of Conceit | 08. Violence Escalation | 09. Keratoprosthesis

The material was mixed and produced by Daniel ‘Azar’ Arendarski, introduction done by Micha Staczkun and cover artwork by Lukasz ‘Pachu’ Pach.

Indignity are:
Krzysztof ‘Kilas’ Kilanowski – Vocals | Miroslaw ‘Miras’ Sommer – Guitar | Szymon ‘Tarki’ Turek – Drums | Daniel ‘Sesil’ Sommer – Bass

Band links: Facebook | Youtube