Nabeshima is a new double album by Japanese Christian metal band Imari Tones. It incorporates Japanese traditional essence into Christian metal music. The band has been making music independently for a long time and it’s hard to say how many records they have made so far, but if you count their English/International releases, this will be their 9th album.

Nabeshima is a double album consisting of 24 songs. While people may be amazed at the volume, it certainly takes listeners to a mysterious journey through ancient Japan. Unknown fantasy world where Japanese traditional culture and Christianity meet. The songs are sung both in English and Japanese. 11 songs are sung in English while 11 songs are in Japanese. The other 2 tracks are instrumental.

The musical style is very diverse. It has some of the heaviest songs from Imari Tones, as well as some of the most outlandish progressive songs. At the same time it has straightforward pop songs and beautiful ballads.

And yes, it has a spiritual factor. Tak doesn’t deny it. It has some strong Christian messages. which some people may be offended by. But Imari Tones always try to be as much fun and entertaining as they are spiritual and religious which they have proved both in live and studio situations. Their international fans know it and people understand what is unique about Imari Tones once they experience the music.

Imari Tones has been an indie band that produces such quality music you will wonder where they have been hiding until now. But soon, that will change with Nabeshima. Ancient Japanese secret will be revealed and its message will change the world. Or at least you will be amazed at this, one of a kind, religious metal music.

Nabeshima | Released July 6th, 2021 via Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
Disk 1: 01. Passion | 02. Lord’s Prayer | 03. Sakura Day | 04. Atomic Jam | 05. 123,4&5 | 06. Sakura Night | 07. Extravaganza | 08. Chanbara | 09. Yamagoya3 | 10. Jidai | 11. Bloodthirsty | 12. God Anthem

Disk 2: 01. Crucified Boy | 02. Sonic Soldiers | 03. The Garden | 04. Who Are You | 05. Sengoku Christians | 06. Screaming Sin | 07. Matsuo | 08. Once In A Lifetime | 09. Redemption | 10. Tsukuru | 11. Not Of This World | 12. Utage

Imari Tones are:
Takahiro “Tone” Nakamine – Guitars/Vocals | Marie – Bass | Shinryu – Drums

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick