If I die today is an italian post – hardcore band from Mondovi’, that was formed in 2007.
After a couple of months, at the beginning of 2008, they released their first full length album
with Wynona Records, which leads the band to tour around Italy and to share the
stage with many bands. In 2009 came out, again with Wynona, their EP called You are alone,
met with positive reviews; their italian tour took them, among others, on stage with Snapcase.

If I die today’s second album, Liars, out in 2010 with Ammonia Records, Rude Records and Wynona Records,
is a success; the album received praise from multiple reviewers from Europe and USA. The tour this
time took them across the best stages of Italy, and also to Hungary, France and UK, sharing the

stage with bands like Sum 41, and Offspring, No use for a name, Simple plan, Face to face,
Taking back sunday at Indipendent day fest.

In 2012 its time for their new ep, Postcards from the abyss, with This is core, Rude Records and
Ammonia Records, welcomed with great reviews. They started a long tour, Italy, Russia, Ukraine,
Germany, and they played with bands like Everytime i die, Good Riddance and H2O.

The bands latest release is “We are Motörhead”, for the Lemmy Knows compilation, a Motörhead tribute.

And now, Fall 2015, they’re about to release their last album Cursed, recorded at Hate Studios,
worldwide distributed by Sliptrick Records