Eclectic Costa Rican rock group Hongo Fuu are part of the INDUSTRIAL FEST festival on Saturday 9th April at Club Criteria in Zapote, from 12md to 10pm. The festival is dedicated to the Industrial/Noise/ Experimental Scene in Costa Rica and aims at exposing artists from different parts of the country, in different formats of Industrial music (Dark Ambient, Noise, Electro Dark, Industrial Metal, experimental electronics etc. ).

Hongo Fuu – Fuu
Fuu is the first full-length album by the Costa Rica based band Hongo Fuu, after the previous independent release of two EPs. Fusion and experimentation are where the album is rooted; as a catalyst of the insights from each of the four members of the band, Fuu is the final product of this “ontology of becoming” alchemical process. It’s a manifestation from melding their diverse individual cosmic visions, poured into a 12-track album with lyrics in Spanish, English, German and Latin text quotations, and which defies the labels of music genres into a more experimental and visceral approach to music. Read more …here

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Fuu | Released March 2nd, 2021 via Sliptrick Records

Hongo Fuu are:
Félix Arburola – Guitar/Vocals | Guillermo Meneses – Bass/Vocals | Héctor Romero – Guitar/Vocals | Ariel Uzaga – Drums/Vocals

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