Sliptrick Records recently announced the re-release of Hellraiser’s debut album ‘Revenge of the Phoenix’,
soon to be followed by Hellraiser’s sophomore album.

The band was founded by the guitarist Michele Brozzi during the year 2000 with the
purpose of paying tribute to heavy metal especially to the eighties wave. In the beginning,
the repertory was only made of cover songs including some of the best tracks of the most
famous bands as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, R.J. Dio, etc., but ever since the
band members wanted to evolve, composing and proposing original music.

An extra guitar was added to the line-up, Marco Tanzi and the singer,
Cesare Capaccioni, still the frontman of the band, which, thanks to his great vocal talent,
allowed the band to expand its horizons, adding further songs to the previous list of covers.
Since 2009, the band has had a new bassist, Riccardo Rogari and a new drummer too,
Riccardo Perugini. Completing the line -up is the new bass player Francesco Foti,
replacing Riccardo Rogari in 2014

During the last years, the band started to have its own sound and the inspiration had finally
an outlet throughout the composition of new songs, inspired to Classic Metal, Power Metal,
Thrash metal, Prog metal, etc.