The previous release from Canadian based group Hellnite (Manipulator) started under the concept of a thrash metal band, after the release, leader of the band, Paolo Belmar, realized that trying to write or compose something that sounds like “thrash metal” is putting a label to the project and therefore limiting it, instead of that Paulo decided to play the music that comes directly from his mind and personality that would really show his influences.

The new album Midnight Terrors is the transition, the “bridge” to freedom in their music, incorporating elements of death metal, hard rock, classical heavy metal, thrash metal, progressive metal etc. It is the way Hellnite informed its own original style and which they decided to tag simply under the genre “Heavy Metal”.

Midnight Terrors was recorded in three different countries, Mexico, Canada and Japan and all the music was mainly composed and produced by main-man Paolo Belmar with the collaboration of the 2013 line-up of Hellnite, comprised of Dexter, Chaps and Mau (rhythm guitars, bass and drums). Jon Harris, the man in charge of The Rock Metal Studios in Edmonton, AB, Canada was the mixing engineer and Lasse Lamert from Germany mastered the tracks at LSD Studios.

Midnight Terrors | Released February 12th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Track listing:
01. Projection | 02. Phantom Force | 03. Spirits Prevail | 04. Beasts From The Deep | 05. Thrash Of The Living Dead | 06. Darker Than Black | 07. Stage On Fire | 08. The Necromancer | 09. Midnight Terror

Hellnite are:
Paolo Belmar – Guitars/Vocals | Ryan Payne – Drums | Konnor Miskiman – Bass

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