Think if Fear Factory, American Head Charge and Machine Head were chucked into a blender, there’s a definite nod to the early 00s sound that ditched guitar solos in favour of raw emotion, down-tuned riffs and liberal use of electronics. Within two years as a band, Haema have crafted a unique and individual sound that has been compared to the likes of the afformentioned bands also mixed with Tool / Rage Against The Machine overtones. Read more about Insurrection …here

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Haema – Insurrection
01. Eden | 02. Free Man | 03. Insurrection | 04. Thirte3n | 05. Two Minds

Genre: Industrial | Nu-Metal | Metalcore
Tracks: 5 | Duration: 00:17:44
Released by: Sliptrick Records 31.10.17
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