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Extra Information
Jan 25Bleed AgainSouthsea, UKat Icebreaker Festival
Jan 25HaemaSouthsea, UKat Icebreaker Festival
Jan 26Ashes CollideKirishi, RUS
Feb 02BrightDelightMoscow, RUS
Mar 08AlphastateAthens, GR
Mar 08XaonEssen, DEwith Septicflesh
Mar 09XaonArnhem, NLwith Septicflesh
Mar 10XaonBrugge, BEwith Septicflesh
Mar 12XaonParis, FRwith Septicflesh
Mar 13XaonBordeaux, FRwith Septicflesh
Mar 14XaonMadrid, ESwith Septicflesh
Mar 15XaonPorto, POwith Septicflesh
Mar 16XaonLisboa, POwith Septicflesh
Mar 17XaonMurcia, ESwith Septicflesh
Mar 19SlotKirov, RUS
Mar 19XaonBarcelona, ESwith Septicflesh
Mar 20SlotPerm, RUS
Mar 20XaonZaragoza, ESwith Septicflesh
Mar 21XaonLyon, FRwith Septicflesh
Mar 22SlotEkaterinburg, RUS
Mar 22XaonMonthey, CHwith Septicflesh
Mar 23SlotChelyabinsk, RUS
Mar 23XaonErba, ITwith Septicflesh
Mar 24SlotTyumen, RUS
Mar 24XaonBologna, ITwith Septicflesh
Mar 26XaonBolzano, ITwith Septicflesh
Mar 27XaonLjubljana, SIwith Septicflesh
Mar 28XaonSan Dona, ITwith Septicflesh
Mar 29XaonBelgrade, RSwith Septicflesh
Mar 30BrightDelightSt. Petersburg, RUSwith Adept
Mar 30SlotRiga, LV
Mar 30XaonSofia, BU
Mar 31BrightDelightKrasnodar, RUSwith Adept
Apr 02BrightDelightSamara, RUSwith Adept
Apr 04BrightDelightNizhny Novgorod, RUSwith Adept
Apr 05BrightDelightMoscow, RUSwith Adept
Apr 06BrightDelightYekaterinburg, RUSwith Adept
Apr 08BrightDelightNovosibirsk, RUSwith Adept
Apr 09BrightDelightBrightDelight, RUSwith Adept
Apr 26Ashes CollideRakvere, EE
Apr 27Ashes CollideRiga, LV
Apr 28Ashes CollideTallinn, EE

Note: The table does not contain every upcoming concert for all of the Sliptrick Records roster. The list concentrates on larger shows in cities (some as support slots with major bands) and festival appearances. Some smaller or last minute gigs are not included. Information is subject to change at the artists or venues discretion.

Please always double check the information is correct before heading out for a given show.