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Extra Information
Sep 28Scarlet AuraKiev, UA
Sep 29NookieSmolensk, RUS
Sep 29Scarlet AuraZhelty Vody, UA
Sep 29Toy Called GodIdaho, US
Sep 29Voight KampffParis, FRwith Voivod and Biocancer
Sep 29When The Deadbolt BreaksVermont, USwith Augurah
Sep 30NookieBryansk, RUS
Sep 30Scarlet AuraZaporozhe, UA
Sep 30Voight KampffNantes, FRwith Voivod and Biocancer
Oct 01Scarlet AuraKrivoy Rig, UA
Oct 02Scarlet AuraKharkov, UA
Oct 03Bleed AgainLyon, FR
Oct 03DogHouse SwineCanton, US
Oct 03Project SlienceTunbridge Wells, UK
Oct 03Scarlet AuraElec, RUS
Oct 04Bleed AgainGeneva, CH
Oct 04Bless The DeadCharlotte, US
Oct 04DogHouse SwineMidlothian, US
Oct 04Project SlienceNuneaton, UK
Oct 04Scarlet AuraVoronezh, RUS
Oct 05Bleed AgainKehl, DE
Oct 05DogHouse SwineMinneapolis, US
Oct 05Project SlienceNorwich, UK
Oct 05Scarlet AuraBryansk, RUS
Oct 06Black LightLieapa, LV
Oct 06Bleed AgainRidderkirk, NL
Oct 06DogHouse SwineOshkosh, US
Oct 06Project SlienceBrighton, UKat Mammouthfest
Oct 06Scarlet AuraIvanovo, RUS
Oct 07Bleed AgainLille, FR
Oct 07Scarlet AuraKolomna, RUS
Oct 08Scarlet AuraObninsk, RUS
Oct 09DogHouse SwineTopeka, US
Oct 09Scarlet AuraMoscow, RUS
Oct 10DogHouse SwineNorman, US
Oct 11DogHouse SwineWichita, US
Oct 11Scarlet AuraRiga, LV
Oct 12DogHouse SwineKansas City, US
Oct 12Scarlet AuraLiepaja, LV
Oct 13DogHouse SwineAnoka, US
Oct 13Scarlet AuraAlytus, LT
Oct 13Toy Called GodPennsylvania, US
Oct 18Heretic's DreamRiga, LV
Oct 19Heretic's DreamLiepaja, LV
Oct 20Ashes CollideVeliky Novgorod, RUS
Oct 24XaonLondon, UK
Oct 25Scarlet AuraSuceava, RO
Oct 25XaonLeeds, UK
Oct 26Voight KampffRenne, FRat Garmonbozia Festival
Oct 26XaonNorwich, UK
Oct 27Ashes CollidePskov, RUS
Oct 27XaonDerby, UK
Oct 28XaonManchester, UK
Oct 29XaonGlasgow, UK
Nov 02NookieMoscow, RUS
Nov 03EndedAlingsås, SE
Nov 03StigmataTver, RUS
Nov 13Dissonant DistanceBudapest, HU
Nov 13LovebitesHaarlem, NL
Nov 13StigmataChelyabinsk, RUS
Nov 14LovebitesEssen, DE
Nov 14StigmataTyumen, RUS
Nov 15Dissonant DistanceRiga, LV
Nov 15StigmataEkaterinburg, RUS
Nov 16Ashes CollideMoscow, RUS
Nov 16Dissonant DistanceLiepaja, LV
Nov 16LovebitesHamberg, DE
Nov 17Dissonant DistanceJelgava, LV
Nov 17LounaMoscow, RUS
Nov 17StigmataIzhevsk, RUS
Nov 18StigmataKirov, RUS
Nov 19LovebitesAschaffenburg, DE
Nov 20LovebitesParis, FR
Nov 20StigmataSamara, RUS
Nov 21LovebitesLondon, UK
Nov 21StigmataSamara, RUS
Nov 23Dissonant DistanceUppsala, SE
Nov 24StigmataVoronezh, RUS
Nov 29StigmataSmolensk, RUS
Dec 01StigmataKaliningrad, RUS
Dec 02StigmataMinsk, RUS
Dec 08LounaRiga, LV
Dec 09LounaTallinn, EE
Dec 16StigmataSt. Petersburg, RUS
Dec 23StigmataMoscow, RUS
Dec 31Bad BonesLiepaja, LV
Mar 30SlotRiga, LV

Note: The table does not contain every upcoming concert for all of the Sliptrick Records roster. The list concentrates on larger shows in cities (some as support slots with major bands) and festival appearances. Some smaller or last minute gigs are not included. Information is subject to change at the artists or venues discretion.

Please always double check the information is correct before heading out for a given show.