The new album from US rocktronica project Ghost In The Machine is called Journey to the Otherwise and is familiar yet different, subtle yet strong and mysterious yet exoteric. It is an intense musical experience, defying categorization but captivating lyrically in a time where the world has seemingly flipped upside down with a pandemic and social and political insanity.

Featured songs eerily focus in on the emotional toll. Virus, an industrial metal onslaught not for the faint of heart, touches a nerve with anthropomorphic lyrics that give the Coronavirus a persona. Cuts like a Knife (dark and moody alternative, lyrically about depression, withdrawal and selfmutilation) leaves the listener feeling the weight of the pandemic. Not all is gloom nor doom however. Unstoppable (upbeat anthemic electronic rock) is lyrically about winning and coming back from loss. Supernatural (warm and tense yet smooth and seductive) is lifted with an RnB vibe by the guest vocals of Caela and is a bewitching tale of passion and love ending in a proposal.

Ghost In The Machine creates, what they like to call, “rocktronica” – their high-energy expression of blending various genres with a pop sensibility. Alternative in nature, one can hear influences from industrial, rock, electronica, urban and more. Known for weaving polished crafted songs with thundering grooves, heavy guitars and lush electronics; they delve deeply into lyrical concepts reaching the boundaries of love and hate, oppression and enlightenment and the social experience. A typical reaction to hearing GITM music – it sounds like it’s from a movie!

Journey To The Otherwise | Released January 11th, 2022 via Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Unstoppable (Bloody Cleats Mix) | 02. Supernatural (Charmed Mix) | 03. Muevete | 04. Virus | 05. Sunny Day | 06. Color Of Desire | 07. Indecision | 08. Cuts Like A Knife | 09. Lies (The Truth Mix)

Ghost In The Machine are:
C4 – Vocals/Programming/Guitars/Hair | Face – Bass/Programming/Vocals/Glares/Stares

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