From The Dust Returned – Echoes of Faces [Official Video]
Taken from the EP: Homecoming | Sliptrick Records | 2017
Images by Fabrizio Birimbelli

• The illustrations made for this video represent a kind of journey into schizophrenia.
• The video opens with a flight: a man with a serene look falling from a building, a skyscraper.
• In the next scene, the same man shouts. In the bloodstream, suffering. It is an internal voice that cries of terror from its nightmares.
• After this, we see the same man, again with stained-back blood, looking calm and relaxed. Indifferent to pain.
• The following illustration represents another contrast within man. A struggle between two different personalities: one is devoured by the other. “Let me save you from yourself,” let me save you.
• The medicines, the cures which do not manage to resolve the situation, but on the contrary they make it worse. Medicines become drugs. Relief becomes addiction.
• Again, one party takes over the other.
• Below is a review of the various feelings and personalities that fight each other.
• To a point of breaking.
• Man finds relief from his anguish by seeking shelter in the arms of the thing that understands it: his own madness.
• And let’s go back to where we were left. The jump ends on the roof of a car parked under the skyscraper.
• He seems to be sleeping, finally free from his nightmares.
• It seems reborn, finally alone.

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Homecoming | Released March 30th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

From The Dust Returned are:
Alex De Angelis – Vocals/Guitars | Marco Del Bufalo – Vocals | Miki Leandro Nini – Bass | Danilo Petrelli – Keyboards | Cristiano Ruggiero – Drums

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