Francis – Blood Of The Earth [Lyrics Video]
Taken from the album: A Million Years Of Loneliness | 2018

Moldovan metalcore group Francis return with a lyrics video taken from this years album release A Million Years Of Loneliness. Here’s what they say about the track; “Blood Of The Earth is about fighting against greed, selfishness and walking on heads for the sake of self-interest. This swept over our world, politics, relations between people from different countries. We must continue the internal struggle to prevent this darkness from dissolving us. It’s no secret that in the modern world people often accept the existing order of things, even if it is terrible. We must not remain silent. We must fight against this until it’s too late.”

Francis – A Million Years Of Loneliness
The new album from Francis is entitled A Million Years Of Loneliness and highlights many urgent and serious problems of our time; personal, social, political and global, with acute social issues coming to the forefront. The themes of the eternal struggle for the right to “live in the sun”, for the right to be the first, for the right to reach the most difficult and daring dreams don’t leave the listener throughout the entire track list. Read more about A Million Years Of Loneliness …here

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A Million Years Of Loneliness | Released March 27th, 2018 on Sliptrick Records

Francis are:
Kirill Izhakovsky – Vocals | Alex Baboy – Guitars/Programming | Artemy Kessler – Bass/Extreme Vocals

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