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Francis – A Million Years Of Loneliness
01. Blood Of The Earth | 02. Alien Sun | 03. All Reborn In Ashes | 04. Nothing Changed | 05. Almost Fall | 06. I Will Do | 07. Seeds Have Grown | 08. Knife And Soul | 09. The Ghost | 10. Westeros (Instrumental)

Genre: Metalcore | Melodic Death Metal
Released by: Sliptrick Records 27.03.18
Duration: 00:46:15
Tracks: 10

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The new album from Moldovan group Francis is entitled A Million Years Of Loneliness and highlights many urgent and serious problems of our time; personal, social, political and global, with acute social issues coming to the forefront. The themes of the eternal struggle for the right to “live in the sun”, for the right to be the first, for the right to reach the most difficult and daring dreams don’t leave the listener throughout the entire track list. Read more about A Million Years Of Loneliness …here

Francis are:
Kirill Izhakovsky – Vocals | Alex Baboy – Guitars/Programming | Artemy Kessler – Bass/Extreme Vocals

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