Project Silence is an industrial metal band from Finland, they combine extreme metal
to headbanging industrial. Band is known from their energetic live performances and tight playing.

Their new album was recorded, mixed and mastered by themselves and features some thrash,
black and extreme metal influence. ‘Slave To The Machine’ is centered around themes of Sci-Fi,
violence, sex, love and misery.

Many lyrical themes came from personal life, but also from popular culture, books & authors like Moers,
Lovecraft and even King. ‘Slave To The Machine’ is also influenced by elements from early industrial
scene to modern metal. Project Silence has come a long way from 2008 and musically band has evolved a lot,
but the idea behind it all is just coming through in ‘Slave To The Machine’.

Project Silence is a Finnish band from the Heart of Northern Savonia formed in 2008,
by Delacroix on the idea to make aggrotech based music with a mix of metal and industrial.

Starting out as a solo project, Project Silence released an handful of free demos between 2008-2009,
which were all highly acclaimed and receiving positive feedback from music enthusiasts around the world.
At the time songs floated under oppressive atmospheres of dark electro and aggrotech.

In late 2008 Silve_R, J and Mr. Sanderz joined. In summer 2009 band started to work on their
first official album at Osasto-A. 2010 Band released two unmastered preview tracks from the album “424”,
where the band introduced a very melodic, yet electronic industrial metal.

In January 2012 a new member, bass player Sturmpanzerjäger joined.
In July the band entered Astral Studio in Tampere to finish their first full lenght album “424”.

The album was released in winter 2012 and featured more experimental combinations of industrial metal,
electro and symphonic metal.

The album got a lot of positive feedback in foreign medias and received a lot of reverence among the listeners.
“424” was featured by visiting artists Mc Raaka Pee from Turmion Kätilöt and by Tuomas Yläkorhola.

In spring 2013 Delacroix created new material for the new album and in late autumn band entered Studio 33
to record their new single “One Way To Hell”.
The single was released in December and was featuring darker toned industrial with black metal influences
and earned many great reviews worldwide and pushed bands recognizable sound to wider audience.