It is with great pleasure that we announce the upcoming releases due out in early 2016,
beginning by Fenisia and The Burning Dogma from Italy, as well as the debut solo album
of Raff Sangiorgio (Gory Blister axeman).

From the Northern Side of Europe, Reveries End and Black Sleep from Finland as well as
Efpix from Russia.

Last but not least, don’t forget to check our latest releases and all the current roster artists
whom we’re more than proud of!

As usual, all the releases will be distributed Worldwide, both physical and digital version,
available for physical retail through online shops and malls across the globe as well as on each
and every download and streaming platform for the digital version.

A special mention goes to our Bootcamp rookies Odd-Rey,
guest of the Latvian headquarter
since a couple of months, soon to be on tour up and down Europe


Proudly supporting young and talented bands, Sliptrick Records
has officially opened the first bootcamp session.

Selected bands will be hosted and fed at our headquarters in Liepaja [Latvia]
rocking 24/7 in a 200 SQM studio ( kindly offered by Fontaine Enterprises )
and mistreated by every label rep, up until the point some good music will be squeezed out.

Rock or bust!