The end of 2017 saw Fall Has Come take in Italy and Ukraine in the first part of their “Nowhere” Tour. January 2018, sees the Italian alternative rock band playing Latvia’s capital of Riga and then 7 dates across Russia. Fall Has Come are planning many more shows in the coming months as part of their promotional tour.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Jan 16 | Riga, Latvia
Jan 17 | Pskov, Russia
Jan 18 | St. Petersberg, Russia
Jan 19 | Moscow, Russia
Jan 20 | Yaroslavl, Russia
Jan 21 | Ivanovo, Russia
Jan 22 | Bryansk, Russia
Jan 23 | Tambov, Russia

All dates with Vanilla Sky

Fall Has Come are:
Enrico Bellotta – Vocals | Enrico Pasarella – Guitar | Raffaele Giacobbone – Guitar | Salvatore Laurella – Drums | Alberto Laurella – Bass

Fall Has Come – Nowhere
The 10 songs from Nowhere represent the very soul of Fall Has Come and the lyrics talk about many human feelings in a stronger and more direct way than their debut. Subjects such as love, time, death and faith are present in songs like Believe, Breathless, Carillion and more. The songs are designed to create the sense of being in, or part of, a movie and as such Nowhere functions as a kind of soundtrack to life. The sense of freedom and of “Nowhere” is the very essence of it. Read more about Nowhere …here

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Nowhere | Released December 2nd, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

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