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Leslie Ripp (US) Instrumental | Rock | Metal | Melodic Metal | Blues

Leslie Ripp is an American musician, composer, and rock/metal/blues guitarist. He’s is mostly known for being co-founder and guitarist for the 1983 cult metal band Rat Attack. After splitting up from Rat Attack, Leslie has spent most of his professional music career as a club musician back in the eighties and nineties in his home town Honolulu. After years of copying and playing all the different styles and licks by most of the well-known guitar legends of the times, Leslie developed the unique guitar playing style and sound that he wields today.

Leslie is currently involved with composing and recording original instrumental material showcasing his unique guitar work, and has recently self-produced and recorded a series of solo album projects. Formally trained in percussion and piano, he actually started his professional music career as a drummer and later taught himself guitar which would become his main instrument. Although Leslie has been referred to as being a guitar virtuoso, he also plays all other instruments on his albums as well.

A true solo artist!

Leslie Ripp is:
Leslie Ripp – Guitar/Drums/Percussion/Bass/Keyboard/Piano

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