On Evil Conspiracy’s new 10 track album, Evil Comes, the listener can expect a collection of varied, melodic, thrash/heavy metal material. The group are always trying to find new ways to make the songs more interesting such as diverse tempos and changes of key. Evil Conspiracy want to keep the audience engaged and although Evil Comes is a natural sequel to the previous album Prime Evil, with plenty of attitude and melodies, the new album feels particularly fresh and vibrant.

The lyrics on Evil Comes are very diverse. Dogs Ov War is about mercenaries in war, killing anybody for money, no matter if it’s your neighbor, brother, etc. We Rise is about when people have had enough of injustice and start a revolution. Endless Darkness is about death. When you are on you deathbed and reflecting on all the people you have helped through out the years. And now you are all alone just waiting for the end. Where did the “friends” go? Violent Intent is about a mass murderer, the voices in his head and how he skins them alive, etc.

The cover art on the bands previous album Prime Evil had a “good” burning angel turning into an “evil” burning angel. Like he is “falling from the sky” as one song on their debut is called. For Evil Comes, Evil Conspiracy decided that he has now fallen “down to the lord” (to quote one of the new songs) and perhaps he is now the one behind that door, attracting the children. That is up to the viewer/listener. The artwork and booklet for Evil Comes and the previous album was created by Andrej Bartulovic.

Evil Comes | Released February 19th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Track listing:
01. Dogs Ov War | 02. When Evil Comes To Town | 03. We Rise | 04. Demons On Speed | 05. Endless Darkness | 06. Golgotha | 07. Pagan Curse | 08. Violent Intent | 09. Resurrection | 10. Down To The Lord

Keyboards by Joakim Floke.
Additional keyboards by Andreas Mäkelä.
Guest guitar solo on When Evil Comes To Town by Henry Mrdist of Whyte Ash.

Produced, recorded and engineered at Prime Evil Studio and Annoying Sound Factory by Evil Conspiracy.
Drums recorded at Prime Evil Studio, Nov 2016 by Johan Berglund.
Mixed and mastered at MTS Studio/Hellgate production by Tobhias Ljung.
Cover artwork and booklet design by Andrej Bartulovic.
Band photo by Magnus Axelsson.

Evil Conspiracy are:
Fredrik Eriksson – Vocals | Andreas Mäkelä – Guitar/Backing vocals | Patrik Mäkelä – Guitar | Henrik Persson – Drums | Martin Giaever – Bass

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