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Eufory – Higher And Higher
01. Dragon Hearts | 02. Louder | 03. Karmic Eyes | 04. What A Shame! | 05. On A Pyre | 06. Dancing Star | 07. Soldier From Beyond | 08. I Want Out | 09. One More Fucking Time (Motorhead cover)

Genre: Metal | Power Metal | Melodic Metal
Released by: Sliptrick Records 29.05.18
Duration: 00:47:02
Tracks: 9

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From the members’ songwriting capabilities, the technical proficiency, the lyrical thoughts to the resulting sound – all of these things have moved to another level and changed through several gears, providing the greatest amount of pleasure possible to the listeners ears. This is straight ahead, old-school influenced power metal with a modern attitude. Eufory are back with 9 tracks (including a killer Motorhead cover) and a great new sound to get the juices flowing! Read more about Higher And Higher …here

Eufory are:
Lubos Senko – Vocals | Stevo Hodon – Guitar | Peter Drabik – Guitar | Miriama Hodon – Drums | Adrian Benca – Bass

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