The theme behind Mastermind Tyranny is about the subjugation of minds, the control of masses through the spreading of false ideas or beliefs. Complementing this, many lyrics tell of the importance of thinking with your own mind and being stronger against this kind of mental control. The themes are developed through the idea of the fear in God in the songs Lucifer’s Lair and Mystic Vision, the control of knowledge and education in the middle age and a reference to the book “The Name of the Rose” in the song Ashes Of Knowledge, the radicalization and the religious extremism in Foreign Land. Read more about Mastermind Tyranny …here

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Eternal Silence – Mastermind Tyranny
01. Lucifer’s Lair | 02. Fighter | 03. Mashed | 04. Adagio | 05. Game Of The Beasts | 06. Mystic Vision | 07. The First Winter Night | 08. Foreign Land | 09. Icy Spell | 10. Ashes Of Knowledge

Genre: Symphonic Metal | Gothic Metal
Tracks: 10 | Duration: 00:51:02
Released by: Sliptrick Records 19.10.17
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