From Alingsås in the north to Zaragoza in the south, we continue to spread the “gospel according to Sliptrick” across Europe and beyond. And with that in mind, Sliptrick Records welcome 2 new groups as we boldly march into 2017. Read more about our new arrivals below:

Ended (SE) Rock | Metal
The Downspiral To Hell (ES) Avantgarde | Black Metal

Ended have created their own unique beast by merging modern rock and metal influences with classic rock elements and guitar brilliance. The forthcoming album Five Eyes, showcases a heavier and more riff oriented side of the band, where melody and lyrics continue to be of great importance. They have a new addition in the form of vocalist Micky Bergqvist and he has brought the band additional energy, fronting the Swedish five piece with fierce power and charisma.

Five Eyes will be released worldwide via Sliptrick Records soon!

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube

The Downspiral To Hell
Spanish duo The Downspiral To Hell ambitiously make music that tries to reveal the feelings born inside us and show a personal way of thinking about life. The mantra of the band is to experiment and feel free to compose anything interesting from their music and art influences. From madness, insanity, anger …these are the ways they explore their sound. As they love all kinds of music, they create a complex and strange mix of death and black metal, sometimes near to grind/death metal with lots of experimentation and bizarre keypads. This has all culminated into the recording of Unusual Methods To Dismember The Spiritual Halo in 2016 and they are now ready to release the album to an unsuspecting world!

Unusual Methods To Dismember The Spiritual Halo will hit the streets via Sliptrick Records in the coming months!

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube