Doubting Thompson – Class Warfare [Official Video]
Taken from the EP: Revelations | Sliptrick Records | 2022

Class Warfare is the lead-off track from Revelations, the EP by Doubting Thompson released on May 31st, 2022 via Sliptrick Records. The track sets the tone musically and lyrically for the EP. Doubting Thompson offers a hard hitting blend of old school thrash and contemporary sensibilities. Technical precision and driving propulsion sets the project square between the raw edge of finesse and fury. Pummelling riffs and incendiary lyrical content leave the listener engaged, incited and ready to get in the pit.

Doubting Thompson – Revelations
Revelations, the latest EP from thrash metal studio project Doubting Thompson, represents a milestone for the the artist, being the first release through Sliptrick Records. Revelations is the third Doubting Thompson EP and is evidence of a progression in performance and song writing. With the technical precision evidenced on earlier efforts, Revelations dials up the aggression with explosive results track after track for a truly heavy listening experience …read more

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Revelations | Released May 31st, 2022 via Sliptrick Records

Doubting Thompson is:
Jeff Thompson – Vocals/Guitars/Bass/Drums

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