Japanese all girl rock/jmetal group Doll$Boxx are back with their new 5 track mini-album entitled, High $pec, released via Sliptrick Records in the US and Northern territories. Fuki’s amazing presence as a vocalist and the extraordinary and solid performances by the Gacharic Spin instrumentalists – Hana (drums), F Chopper Koga (bass), Tomo-Zo (guitar) and Oreoreona (keyboards) combined cement Doll$Boxx as one of the best bands around. Read more about High $pec …here

Doll$Boxx – High $pec
01. Shout Down | 02. Sub-liminal | 03. HERO | 04. Sekaiwa Kitto Aiwo Shitterunda | 05. Dragonet

Genre: Hard Rock | JMetal
Tracks: 5 | Duration: 00:23:03
Released by: Sliptrick Records 07.12.17

Band pages:
Official Website (Eng) | Official Website (Jp) | Facebook | Twitter

Doll$Boxx Video Collection – High $pec
Renowned for their fantastic use of the video medium, Doll$Boxx haven’t disappointed with their new stunning collection of videos taken from their latest mini-album High $pec.