Under Black Horizons, from German melodic death/black metal group Destillat, was recorded at Off the Road Studios and the bands own studio space in Leipzig. It was engineered and mixed by Steffen Tielcke at Off the Road and mastered by Johannes Frank at Feinklang Mastering (also Leipzig).

Thematically, Under Black Horizons is an observation on where we‘re at as a society today. The songs tell different stories that help us to reflect on what we might and might not have learned from the past and what we could do to turn the page on our currently not so bright looking future. Therefore, the album structure is built to take the listener on a cathartic journey.

Starting off with a realization (Broken Chalice), through stories of genocide (Black 47), loss (The Forgotten sons Pt. II), corruption (The Forgotten Sons Pt. I), abuse (Black Horizons) until we finally write our Last Chapter. The last song though is an ode to what could make live on this planet so precious and valuable for all of us. Something that is soon to be lost but still holds a glimmer of hope. Something that is worth fighting for. The ‘Lost Chapter’.

01. Broken Chalice | 02. Black 47 | 03. The Forgotten Sons Pt. II | 04. The Forgotten Sons Pt. I | 05. Black Horizons | 06. Last Chapter | 07. Lost Chapter

Under Black Horizons | Released September 27th, 2022 via Sliptrick Records

Destillat are:
Steve Baldrian – Vocals | Lucas Falk – Bass | Nick Steinbeißer – Guitar | Christian Heine – Guitar | Oliver Ruß – Drums

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