Returning once more to bring a blackened hateful offering, Demogorgon returns with his eighth release A Hate For All That Grows.

Once again, written, recorded and produced completely by Demogorgon himself, this new offering brings forth more pure Australian black metal with new influences including classical, thrash, and dungeon synth in both composition and performance. A Hate For All That Grows brings nine new tracks of nihilism and contempt for light, life and mankind. Featuring lyrics written with Demogorgons own blood within the liner notes.

The album continues the experimentation of 2022’s release You Are Worthless And I Want You Dead, by expanding the use of acoustic guitars, keyboards and introducing melodic elements to the blackend mass of chaotic hate. Despite these new elements, A Hate For All That Grows stays true to the core philosphy of Demogorgon: pure Australian black metal that continues to evolve and remain fluid with each release.

A Hate For All That Grows is a clear statement of anti-life black metal and pure hate for all that is, was and will be. Remember, Demogorgon Fucking Hates YOU!

01. Melancholia | 02. Omega | 03. Soul Blight | 04. Light’s Bane | 05. A Hate For All That Grows | 06. Self-Destruct For Satan | 07. The Apocalypse Machine | 08. Total Fucking Hell | 09. Cold

A Hate For All That Grows | Released November 21st, 2023 via Sliptrick Records

Demogorgon is:
Demogorgon – Vocals/All Instruments

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