You Are Worthless And I Want You Dead is the seventh release from Australian solo black metal band Demogorgon. With thirteen tracks brimming with pure black hate, blasphemy and nihilism, the album is the most hateful and also experimental of all the releases from the project.

Recorded and produced by Demogorgon (like all his former releases), the album brings back the raw and ugly sound from the early days, while introducing new elements such as keyboards and acoustic guitars. Despite these new elements, You Are Worthless and I Want You Dead remains ‘pure Australian black metal’.

Demogorgon is a one man black metal band that was formed with a clear statement: create music that is dripping with pure black hate. As the sole member and creative force behind the project, Demogorgon has been able to build an extensive catalog of musical work, with an ever changing and fluid style with each release.

01.From Utter Darkness | 02. Fuck God And Fuck You | 03. Unending Blasphemy | 04. I Piss On Your Grave | 05. Under A Frozen Sun | 06. Domination | 07. Parasite | 08. A Cleansing Of Impure Blood | 09. Holocaust Humanity | 10. Invocation | 11. A Servant Of Satan | 12. Ignis Infernus Infinitus | 13. The Ancient Forest

Additional performances by – Rebecca Anderson
Recorded, Mixed, And Mastered at – Perditions Path studios

You Are Worthless And I Want You Dead | Released October 18th, 2022 via Sliptrick Records

Demogorgon is:
Demogorgon – Vocals/All Instruments

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