The G-String Murders is the 5th official release from Canadian instrumentalist Darren Michael Boyd. Fans of his music have grown to expect a blend humour and darkness, and this four song EP does not disappoint. Interesting compositions, memorable melodies, and sophisticated chord-play are always Boyd’s priority, but there are still enough guitar fireworks to satisfy shred fans.

There is a witchy and quirky feel to his “Spooky Surf” sound that easily creates a visual in the listener’s imagination. The title was chosen because Boyd thought it was hysterical when he first came up with it, knowing that despite its complete lack of subtlety, some people would probably still miss the joke!

Darren Michael Boyd is comfortable playing all kinds of music, and feels at home with a big theatrical show – regardless of the venue size. After years of touring, writing, recording, Darren has developed his own dynamic musical style, along with authenticity and unprecedented professionalism.

Track by track:
Hide And Shriek – Built on a foundation of hooky low-octave riffs, this track is a fist-pumper. It has a creepy horror movie vibe in places, particularly with the “monster” guitar solo!

Darkling – A plaintive, melodic lead guitar offering paints a melancholic picture over a retro-sounding musical canvas. The instrumentation shows plenty of restraint for the benefit of the composition, and expresses ferocity at just the right moments.

Racing For Pinks – One of Boyd’s most “surf-styled” tracks to date, he explains that the title is a throwback reference to 1950’s movies (and Grease in the 70’s) where the winner of a drag race would take possession of the loser’s vehicle. This song is full of tension, dynamics, and a motorcycle guitar throughout!

The G-String Murders – The title track features the most metal-riffing on the EP. This track demonstrates Boyd’s ability to create intense, high-energy music, without sacrificing melody. This song starts and ends with an explosive hard rock murdermystery vibe, sandwiched by some unique style of hammer-ons that both guitar players and music lovers will no doubt appreciate.

01. Hide And Shriek | 02. Darkling | 03. Racing For Pinks | 04. The G-String Murders

G-String Murders | Released July 1st, 2023 via Sliptrick Records

Darren Michael Boyd are:
Darren Michael Boyd – Live Guitar/All studio instruments | Mike Berrigan – Drums (live) | Trevor St. Peter – Guitar (live) | Carina Daugherty – Bass (live)

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick