Korean symphonic black metal group Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy present their latest opus The Lord Ov Shadows, released worldwide via Sliptrick Records on January 22nd. The album comprises of over 46 minutes of outstanding relentlessness and doom, an absolute must for lovers of the genre.

Classical gothic music is the primary essence of Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy, with anguished vocals and brooding instruments performing chapters and poems which evoke nothingness and wholeness, darkness and daylight, beauty and ugliness!

The Lord Ov Shadows is the story of an individual who becomes the Lord Ov Shadows himself. The Shadow represents the dark side of the inner self. To become the Lord Ov Shadows, you must face your inner self by encountering the biggest fear. Must not avoid. Everything is in your status of mind. Then you can be the Lord Ov Shadows. This is the story of someone who is ready to rule the world of the Dark mirror.

The Lord Ov Shadows | Released January 22nd, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Chapter I. Creation of the Alter Self | 02. Chapter II. Possession | 03. Chapter III. The Annunciation in Lust | 04. Chapter IV. Acquainted with the Nocturnal Devastation | 05. Chapter V. I am the Lord Ov Shadows

Recorded in Studio Dark Mirror, Seoul, Korea (Except Soprano Recorded in Studio Tardis) | Recorded by M.Pneuma | Mixed by Stefano Morabito | Mixed at Studio 16th Cellar Studio, Rome, Italy | Mastered at Studio 16Th Cellar Studio, Rome, Italy | Produced by M.Pneuma | Cover Artwork by Pierre-Alain D

Summoned Friends:
Vox: Yama Darkblaze | Soprano: Binna Kim | Violin: Arthenic

Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy are:
Material Pneuma – Vocals | Gash – Guitars | Senyt – Guitars | Reverof – Bass | Confyverse – Drums | Genie – Keyboards

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick