Finnish band Damnesty are a fivepiece groovebased metal band about to unleash their brand new album on an unsuspecting world. Their music combines elements from hardcore punk to grunge and extreme metal to stoner-rock which doesn’t mean that Damnesty lack focus, it simply describes the full breadth of their sound. The second album The Grand Delusion represents the bands musical musings on the state of the world in 2017. It’s full of fire, brimstone and passion but not lacking in subtlety when called for.

In the best tradition of Finnish rock, these boys really know how to get wild on stage and one of the biggest challenges for The Grand Delusion was making sure Damnesty captured their raw and powerful live sound and translated it throughout the record. We think the proof is in the pudding on that one!

The Grand Delusion was produced by Damnesty & Severi Peura. Drums recorded by Severi Peura at V.R. studio. Guitars, bass & vocals recorded by Damnesty. Mixed at V.R. studio By Severi Peura. Mastered at Mojolab by Teemu Kinnunen

The Grand Delusion | Released June 27th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Hope For Sale | 02. Human 404 | 03. Glorious Intentions | 04. Figures In Tar | 05. Icons Of Fire | 06. Sounds Of The Fallen | 07. The Pyre | 08. View Of The Leech | 09. Deus Vult | 10. The Becoming Clash | 11. The Grand Illusion

Keyboard/synths on The Pyre by Jussi Elsilä. Lead guitar solo on Sounds Of The Fallen by Jussi Hautamäki. All backing screams and roars by Jussi Jantunen & Ilkka Hyvönen. Bass on this recording by Joona A.

Damnesty are:
Tomi Reunanen – Vocals | Joona Alamäki – Guitar | Petri Villa – Guitar | Markus Snellman – Drums | Juuso Alamäki – Bass

Band links: Facebook | Youtube