On the back of their last release, Nothing To Lose, British alternative rockers Cyanide Sundae wanted to develop further and make the best possible album of loud and fast songs. They are a 3 piece hybrid of alt-rock and metal and many bands have inspired each of them to deliver the music they have create (a lot 90s grunge and alt-metal!) on their new album Blinded Generation.

The band’s sound and work progress has always been raw and with high energy and they wrote about 6 of the songs in two weeks; it was very organic, felt right and was in keeping with the attitude for this constantly evolving band.

For the album’s artwork, the idea was to have a fractured eye with the reflection of today’s news and social media and the way it programs into your head. Hence the title Blinded Generation. Cyanide Sundae’s front-man, Paul, with help from an artistic friend (Alan Walsh), designed the cover and artwork.

All in all, Blinded Generation is an in-your-face guitar noise-fest containing heavy rhythm, pounding drums, and distorted bass combined with angst ridden and intense vocals. Blinded Generation is a musical roller coaster of anger, fear, love and hope and is a soundtrack perfect for a chase scene, a fight scene, extreme sports, or an underground rock club.

Blinded Generation | Released January 29th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Track listing:
01. Can’t Run Can’t Hide | 02. What Can I Do | 03. Cycle By Design | 04. Let Me Out Of Here | 05. Dead End Desire | 06. Born Ready | 07. Under This Disguise | 08. Bleed | 09. The Rebound | 10. Better Now | 11. The Hatch (Bonus Track) | 12. Rage (Bonus Live Track)

Recording, Mixing, Mastering: Russell Plowman at SoundByte Studio,
Guest (on Bleed): James Dawson (Bleed Again)
Composer(s): Paul Fielder, Andre Andrews, Lewis House

Cyanide Sundae are:
Paul Fielder – Vocals/Guitar | André Andrews – Bass/Effects | Kev Terry – Drums/Live Backing Vocals

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | On Sliptrick