The powerful flow of Heavy Metal that exudes from the tracks of Humanity, the new album from Crohm, is a mixture of styles that interweaves music with the lyrics, mixing power and melody in order to create an aggressive base from which the voice of Sergio Fiorani can continuously launch messages that describe humanity. Humanity was in fact conceived as a journey into the human Psyche with the intention of exploring it, revealing it, discovering it and looking at it without fear and without mercy. “We want to look inside the human soul with a piercing and ruthless gaze” says Claudio Zac Zanchetta, Crohm’s lead guitar, “from the darkest and mysterious depths up to the highest and brightest peaks, bringing to the surface the powerful energies that are trapped in the inner worlds”.

The journey of Humanity starts deep down, in the depths where the energy lives that is described in the song Alien and it continues slowly into that area called The Dark Side until it finally receives a call, as Sergio sings in The Call, which is the powerful drive of Heavy Metal that pushes our consciousness towards an awakening because the keys to success or to failure are in the hands of humanity. The only disruptive energy that can break the chains of despair is an Internal Fire, enclosed in the motto KYDAH!, and this energy can be heard in The Noise of Silence. It also manifests itself in the battlefield of the track Fields Painted Red and it pushes the individual to fight with all his strength in Run for your Life (the Escape) for both an individual and a common redemption.

“KYDAH! Keep your Dragon Alive is our motto,” says Riccardo Taraglio, the bass player of the band, “it’s our cry to the world, our deepest expression, meant to shake consciences and awaken the dragon that is inside each one of us”.

Humanity | Released March 21st, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Alien | 02. The Call | 03. The Dark Side | 04. Nothing Else | 05. Insatiable | 06. Lost Soul | 07. Fields Painted Red | 08. The Noise Of Silence | 09. Run For Your life (The Escape) | 10. Town After Town

Humanity was recorded at the Music-Link studios under the supervision of Giulio Capone (Temperance).

Crohm are:
Sergio Fiorani – Vocals | Claudio ‘Zac’ Zanchetta – Guitar | Diego Zambon – Guitar | Fabio Cannatà – Drums | Riccardo ‘Rick’ Taraglio – Bass

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube