The new album from Cilvarium is entitled New Beginning and is composed of all original compositions written, performed and recorded by Ryo Utasato-Pike. Each track is infused with Ryo’s unique signature sound and musical sensibilities, sprinkled with an Enigma flavor. From one composition to another, from beginning to end, the music is transportive and takes the listener on a trip through time, space and other dimensions of the mind.

Cilvarium is the creation of Ryo Utasato-Pike. Ryo is an award-winning composer for tv and films and she is a gifted songwriter and singer, with a talent for writing music in several genres, to include ambient, world music, retro, pop, horror, and experimental, to name a few.

01. See Me | 02. Remember The Time | 03. Somebody | 04. Resonare | 05. The Messenger | 06. Beyond The Shadow | 07. Heaven In The Sky | 08. Reborn To Be Yourself | 09. New Beginning | 10. Make You Touch The Sky

New Beginning | Released April 18th, 2023 via Sliptrick Records

Cilvarium is:
Cilvarium – Everything

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